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Getting dirty with Redux, Memory King

I already spend too much time setting up the stuff and talking about it in previous blog posts from the series. So, let’s stop beating around the bush and start using Redux. How you can guess, I never use Redux before and this will be absolute beginner’s impressions on this tool. Maybe, you also never use Redux before and we can learn something new together. Or you can just make the opinion whether or not you want to use it.

Suit up! Memory King

Third blog post from the chellenge series and still going. Today we will be looking on user interface and some design related stuff. Nobody cares about the stuff you programmed as long as you don’t give a cool GUI to it. And that’s the reason why I like to start with it. Because it will look like a lot of work has been done ?.


GUI Prototype

Memory King, Getting Ready

For those who thinks that I will quit after one week (including myself 😀 ). I am here with new blog including the latest news from development. For newcomers, you can read the first article where I introduce the challenge of just blend in. Shortly, there wasn’t done much development. But more importantly the project is already on GitHub and I finished most of the setups. All builds are passing and the project should be development ready. Hurray! ?

AppVeyor buildTravis CI build

So let’s look closer on the setups and tools.

Memory King, Let’s Do This

If you’re like me, you probably have plenty of cool ideas, but you never really realize theme I usually don’t have enough experience, time or whatever. And that’s why many of my projects end up in somehow unfinished state. But this time it’s going to be different!


Long story short, I came across this article about some polish competition (so I am not sure if I understand the rules correctly 😀 ). But based on that I made up my own challenge. This challenge should push me to finish the project. There are only two simple rules:

End of GCI

It is kind of sad bud the GCI ended (on  25. January). And I thought that I will have some free time. But in the end, I am writing this 4 days after the deadline of GCI. Since I already wrote articles about OpenMRS and about my experience with GCI. And I don’t like to repeat myself, I wouldn’t go over it again. However, I would like to kind of extend these articles.


Some of you may know that I am participating in Google Code-in and that I am completing some tasks for OpenMRS. So, I guess that now is the right time to explain what OpenMRS really is.



OpenMRS Client (UWP)

Yes, I created the Windows Universal app for OpenMRS. I done it using Javascript and HTML. And it is available on Github:

OpenMRS Client (UWP)

OpenMRS Client (UWP)

Month with OpenMRS

It is one month since the Google Code-in started and I started working on tasks for OpenMRS. So, now is the time to share my experience.

If you do only one thing in Google Code-in, it should be joining the community and their chat.

I always wanted to learn programming, but I never have enough time or motivation to work on something bigger than a few lines of code. But that changed with the GCI, my goal was to make 3 tasks. I admit that when it started, I wasn’t really sure if I will be able to complete at least one task. That’s the reason why my first task was related to HTML and CSS, which I know from earlier when I made few web pages.

Open Web App

Today I created Open Web App for searching patients in OpenMRS using REST calls. Source code:

Open Web App

Open Web App

OpenMRS Banner

Right now I am working on banner for OpenMRS. The banner is created in Blender.



Hello, World!

Yes! We are live.

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