It is kind of sad bud the GCI ended (on  25. January). And I thought that I will have some free time. But in the end, I am writing this 4 days after the deadline of GCI. Since I already wrote articles about OpenMRS and about my experience with GCI. And I don’t like to repeat myself, I wouldn’t go over it again. However, I would like to kind of extend these articles.

Maybe you know that I did some programming tasks (mainly using Java, Javascript, HTML and CSS) and some graphics related stuff. But I also did a few videos (exactly 4) and three of them were tutorials. Maybe it is no big deal for someone. But since I’m not a native English speaker, I was really scared to do a screencast with my voice and then publish it on YouTube. But after fourth try and a lot of cutting it doesn’t sound so bad. Please don’t destroy my illusion 😉 So, I have continued creating tutorials.

My First Tutorial

And what was the forth video which wasn’t tutorial? It was promotional video OpenMRS Hackathon, awesome event held in Singapore in December 2015. This task actually takes me the most time from all tasks which I did during GCI. It wasn’t easy because I don’t know anything about promo videos and I had only limited resources and most of them were photos. But after one day of rendering I proudly published my work on YouTube. But the worst was yet to come.

Somebody reported my video (for whatever reason) and it was taken down. I was really angry 😡 . Luckily for YouTube the video was next day available again after my appeal.

OpenMRS Hackathon Promo

And what next? Now when GCI is over and the contestants are waiting for results. My actual goal is to stay near to the OpenMRS and solve some simple issues or extend my previous work. I’m also thinking about continuing with creating tutorials (I am planning to create a tutorial on OpenMRS developers setup). And if you want to know how it goes hit the subscribe, like or whatever on my channel 😀