If you’re like me, you probably have plenty of cool ideas, but you never really realize theme I usually don’t have enough experience, time or whatever. And that’s why many of my projects end up in somehow unfinished state. But this time it’s going to be different!


Long story short, I came across this article about some polish competition (so I am not sure if I understand the rules correctly 😀 ). But based on that I made up my own challenge. This challenge should push me to finish the project. There are only two simple rules:

  1. Develop open source project
  2. Release a blog post about progress every week on Friday (Saturday) with minimum 400 words

Since this is my first blog from the series, I would like to introduce my project and summarize ideas, goals and hopes. So let’s get right into it.

Project Introduction

If you heard about memory championships and similar competitions, you will be familiar with my project. If not, you should listen even more carefully. In these competitions people are memorizing whole decks of cards and thousands of digits. But more importantly, you can use these techniques for memorizing textbooks, mathematical formulas, constant, vocabulary and even more. For mastering these techniques you have to train regularly and that is where the problem occurs. Most of the good tools are paid and other doesn’t work very well. That’s why I decided to build Memory King customizable and user friendly memory training open source app.

Sounds interesting to you? This is open source and you are welcome to contribute and it doesn’t matter if you can code something or you just share your ideas. I want to build it as a desktop app (because I want to be able to train also offline) and I will be using electron and react (not really sure what will be used for data management).


  • Build dashboard for progress tracking and training notification
  • Create basic training activities: numbers, words, cards, memory palaces and systems (names and faces are optional because I’m not sure where to get the photos – any tips?)
  • Possibility to add costume activities
  • Optimize for translation to other languages
  • (optional) Add getting started guide for beginners focused on the basics and practical use
  • Clean and easy to use design


Memory King is open source app for everybody who wants to improve memory. And if you are interested in this project, you can look forward to the new blog post next week (follow me on twitter for the latest news). Everybody is welcome to contribute or share ideas in the comments.