I already spend too much time setting up the stuff and talking about it in previous blog posts from the series. So, let’s stop beating around the bush and start using Redux. How you can guess, I never use Redux before and this will be absolute beginner’s impressions on this tool. Maybe, you also never use Redux before and we can learn something new together. Or you can just make the opinion whether or not you want to use it.

Planning, Planning, Planning!

Seriously, this is what I see everywhere since I started learning about Redux. It actually seems to me that at the moment when you start programming, you should already know every detail. And this can cause a lot of troubles. Because you can’t really plan how the app will work before you know how the Redux works. Which means that I have to go through whole documentation and after that start building the app. But this isn’t my style of learning. I like to learn by doing real things! So, I find this tutorial and based on that I will build my project. One more thing is the JavaScript standards. Redux documentation use one of the latest which almost nobody else uses. Even though I feel that I kind of like it with increasing knowledge.

React Router

At first, I was a little bit sceptic about React Router. Because how I said earlier in the series, when you use something like:

<a href="file.html">Some text</a>

The page in electron blinks during transition to the new page (first page disappears and second appear after a while). React Router keeps your react UI in sync with the URL. And it also handles the transition (the page changes instantly). This is really great, because it simplifies the situation. Because I thought that I will have to handle this using Redux.

Material Design Lite

How I said before, I am not a graphic designer. And recently I came across Material Design Lite. I think that the word “Lite” catch my eye the most. Because there are other Material Design frameworks. But I choose this because it seems to have all the necessary components. And I don’t want to strictly follow the Material Design rules. So, I need something that I can easily edit. I will start replacing the old design with the components from MLD during next week. You can check all the components here.


I am happy that I finally dive into the Redux. It will take me a few more weeks to get completely familiar with the Redux. But I think that I already understand the most basic concepts. And I started slowly implementing them. And right now the GitHub repo looks like a very messy workplace. But that should change within few weeks.