Last week I spent exploring a wide range of electron extensions. I didn’t work on the GUI. So, today it will be purely about these electron extensions. I came across this GitHub repository: electron-awesome where you can find a lot of useful resources. And as you can guess, I couldn’t resist and I add some of these tools 😀 .


Window State Keeper

It seems to me obvious that the application keeps its window proportions even after closing it. Weirdly enough the electron doesn’t support this functionality. However, there is a tool for that – Window State Keeper – and you can implement it pretty easily. You just have to place a few lines of code into your main.js file and you are ready to go.

GitHub Releases and Automatic Updates

I already said that I want to have working automatic updates. In electron docs you can find information about autoUpdater module. Since GitHub support releases, it is worth using them (cheapest solution 😉 ). I find two packages providing these features.

Both of them provide similar functionalities (electron-gh-releases seems more advanced). I haven’t implemented any of them yet, but you have to manually update a json file with links and information about new releases. Because autoUpdater is meant to communicate with release server.

I know this blog post is a little bit late, but that will improve. Right now it seems that the automatic updates shouldn’t be such a problem. During next week I would like to work on dashboard and polishing the GUI. And step by step getting ready for the first release.