Today, I am starting a new series! You may notice that I recently finished a Machine Learning course on Coursera (definitely recommend it). But here comes the real challenge, put my skill into real use! I’m going to participate in the local project competition so-called SOČ (i.e. high school professional activity). So, I’m starting a new series about my project related to the machine learning.

machine learning

No, I’m not going to stop Memory King project.
Yes, I will have enough time.
No, I’m not crazy.

End of Q&A


So, what is this all about. I’m going to apply my new skill to build some practical thing. I have already an idea what I am going to do. But since I still tweaking my idea, I will announce it in the next blog post. I definitely want to finish this project to compete in this competition. Even though I am not sure if it will be completely open source, I am definitely going to share some code, ideas and resources with you.


As always I will release a new blog post every week (ideally on Sunday at least 300 words). I use this style of challenge to track my progress and push myself to work every week. I would definitely recommend it to everybody as a way to fight your procrastination 😉 . So, let me know if you do similar challenges and see you in the next blog post.