Well, well, well…
It has been some time since I wrote the last blog post. And I won’t make the same mistake promising that I will write more. Not like there is nothing happening in my life. I recently finished two online courses and I am going to give you a review of them. Rather there is happening so many things that I just have to put my focus into different things. Or I am just being lazy – pick your excuse.

Here is a quick review of Cryptography and AI online courses

Jokes aside, over the summer I was working on a project related to machine learning. I started studying computer science at  Charles University and it takes some time to get used to a new rhythm. I mean I am used to watching lectures, but you can’t really pause live lecture and it gets hard when you want to take notes while listening.  Meanwhile, I manage to complete two online courses, so here is my quick review of them.

Artificial Intelligence (ColumbiaX – CSMM.101x)

I must admit that I expect more from this course. It presents an overview of the world of AI and it definitely gives you a good starting point, but it’s just a first step. Moreover, I find the lectures bit monotonous. On the other hand, the problem sets are engaging. The challenging problem sets were the main reason why I finished the course. Yet, if you are self-learner, as I am, this course can help you fill gaps in your basics.


More at: https://www.edx.org/course/artificial-intelligence-ai-columbiax-csmm-101x-4

Cryptography I (from Dan Boneh, Stanford University)

If there is one thing that you should take away from this course, it would be: “Don’t design your own cryptosystems!” Daunting as it sounds, this is an awesome course about cryptography. The professor isn’t afraid to go into the math of problems and it gives you a solid foundation of the field. Trust me, you just can’t learn about cryptography without learning about the math behind it. The course goes over all areas of cryptography and provides resources for further studies. So if you are serious about your interest in crypto, I definitely recommend this course.


More at: https://www.coursera.org/learn/crypto