Today is a special day. Because this is the 10th blog post from the Memory King series. Well, the most awesome thing about this is that I am still writing these blog posts. Because that is the hardest part for me. Today I would like to review my work so far and more importantly, I would like to talk about the memory techniques, concepts behind it, and the reasons why am I building this app!


Story Time

I don’t remember the exact date when I came across the memory techniques for the first time. But I remember that it all starts with one book. Most memorable moment for me was when the book guided me how to memorize order of 50 random words. It felt awesome because I wouldn’t be able to do this without the memory techniques. An even better was that the next day I still remember the order of words. It literally blows my mind.

The fun fact is that I actually didn’t read the whole book, instead I started researching for more information all over the Internet. My ultimate goal was to memorize the order of the deck of cards (52 cards). I didn’t have any particular reason for that, it just seems so impossible before. And after one week of preparations I memorize the whole deck of cards! It took me around 15 minutes to memorize it (way longer than it should). But in that moment I feel like finding my super power.

Since then I started working on improving my memorization time, memorizing numbers, and school materials. It didn’t take me a while to improve my time on deck under 5 minutes. Sadly the most of the information are connected to the memory competitions (which can seem inapplicable for ordinary people), but over time I build pretty good system how to memorize the important information from textbooks.


I believe that everybody can use these techniques to improve his memory, But you have to train regularly in order to speed up the memorization and keep your skills sharp. There are already some training apps, but they are paid or they don’t do what I want. And that’s the main idea behind this project, build an open source app which can be easily customized and allows you to use different plugins. Also by making app completely free, I would like to introduce these techniques to the general public.


If you are interested, here are some of my favourite sites about memory techniques:

Numbers prototype

Numbers training prototype


I am really happy with the look and progress of the app. The development of the app gets really far and there’s no way that I would quit this project. But there are still a lot of challenges in development. I hope that this idea will attract other people who will contribute and bring their ideas to the project ?.

BTW, I fixed the mistake in timer from the last week. It was just a stupid typo in word “component”, so the timer wasn’t deleting.