I am a little bit in a hurry today. School started here and I am kind of overwhelmed with different activities. That doesn’t mean that nothing has been done during last week, but nothing is in state, when I could fully talk about it. At least I have some time to talk about my development environment.

My the most used editors

My the most used editors

The truth is that I have a lot of editors and IDEs, definitely more than I really need. One of my favourite is Atom, which is great open source editor. One of the best things about it is the big number of additional packages and costume themes, which you can easily edit. The only flaw about is slow start time due to additional packages, so you have to choose well. Another editor, which I used for a while, is Visual Studio Code. It actually seems like a cleaner version of Atom and the best thing about it is definitely the built in debugging (I even manage to use it with electron). On the other side, it misses some of my favourite packages.


By some accident end up using Vim. I started using it for quick code editing on my tablet. But you can’t even close Vim without knowing the right commands, so I started learning more about it. I like the speed and effectiveness of working with vim. Even though the Vim has a long history, it is still in development and I look forward to Vim 8 features. I would like to advise you some good resources for learning Vim, but you have to learn it by using it.

Only problem about Vim is, that even though I’m using it for a while, there is still so much to learn. But I hope that it is worth it and in the end it will speed up my development process. Also, it is another challenge and I like challenges 😉 .